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Nerd Moment: Monday Night Duck Hunt

August 18, 2011

My friend Martin destroys me in Duck Hunt. I haven’t passed level 14 and he was yawning at level 19. It got to a point where it was so easy for him, we modelled different ways to shoot:

1. Classic – Dominate hand gripping the gun at a moderate distance from the TV. Shooter would usually look between the cross-hairs to insure accuracy.

2. Gangsta – Rotating the gun counter-clock wise at a 90 degree angle. Less accurate results, more street cred.

3. Female Police Cop – Dominate hand on the trigger while other hand cradles the base of the gun, arms outstretched straight. Great technique for noobs and small children.

4. Juggler – Switching shots between hands. Again, less accurate results but great way to develop ambidextrous shooting.

5. The Holster – (personal favourite) Gun rest perpendicular to the shooter’s waist, then is pointed towards the screen when ducks are present for the shot. Gun is returns to the waist, or the ‘phantom holster’ once target is acquired.


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