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August 16, 2011

city. country. concrete. trees.

My childhood revolved around the clash of nature and machine. Most times I’m an advocate of all things green (surprise, surprise!) and mourn the loss of another park, field and tree to a parking lot taking over nature’s space. But a few moments, I catch glimpses of nature rebelling, reclaiming the land. Overgrowth: whether small scale or large, nature isn’t leaving the city so easily.

Vines are the ultimate invaders. They conquer anything in their path. These vines are particularly awesome.

Prickly bits would always get caught in my socks if I tried to run a short-cut through a field. A reminder that there are consequences to trespassing.

Know your roots. This tree was plotted at the front of someone’s house. The thickness of one root is about the size of my arm. Talk about a takeover.

Leafy bits poking out of an old shed. Love the contrast of the lush green and the peeling paint.

Tangled in twisted twigs, looks so much like a fence its uncanny.


So as I was taking pictures, I could peer through the branches and see even more overgrowth encroaching on a neighbouring fence.

Back alleys and unassuming lanes are the best places for overgrowth. These leaves totally dominate the side garages.

See what I mean. Simply glorious!

A stunning example of overgrowth at its best. The greenery makes these telephone poles unrecognizable.

Pretty amazing that the weeds have penetrated the concrete. Resilience!

Now let me explain that this sign is at least two Whitneys tall. How on earth is that twig all the way up there, and surviving? The source of sunlight is obvious but I’m pretty sure it sprouted and made its way all the way through the pole.


Clearly these vines have a preference to the right-side of the barn. But why? Does the “Naps”[sp] graffiti intimidate? Another unsolved mystery.

So to end things right, I skipped down this pathway that shades me with over a dozen trees. I encourage you to go explore your neighbourhood. I didn’t expect to find THAT much overgrowth and greenery. But nature’s making a come back in urban spaces. It’s holding its own. And the results continue to fascinate. Over and out!



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