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POEM: Brad

July 18, 2011

So I just moved to Toronto (yay for moving up in the world) but it was huge transition for me leaving my hometown for good. Like a lot of writers, I feel as though I have a complex relationship with the town in which I grew up in.

In my writing circle, I was encouraged to write poems about the three cities that have most affected me: Bradford, Montreal and Toronto. With patience, guidance and a lot of butt kicking, I’m working towards a final manuscript for a collection of poetry entitled ‘3 cities’.

Last Tuesday I performed the following piece at Acoustic Soul Open Mic. It compliments my feelings about moving out of Bradford. Enjoy!


you raised me

but i returned to you

older and furious

the lies

the manipulation

you twisted my childhood

into something not all together whole.


we’d love each other under

summer stars

staggering softly between the smell

of dried grass.


but i’ve outgrown you

blown you up to be this

big scary place

where black girls cry alone in the dark.


outgrown you

showed you that there is a

big world bubbling beyond you

and your boundaries.


you’ve pushed me

its always been just

you and me

in the middle of nowhere.


i’ve run out of air to curse you with.

you’ve changed too.

all the shit i gave you about

not being town-enough for me

you’ve beefed up into a real city

and i hardly recognize you anymore.


there was a time when i’d never

want to see you

or come back to you

your name twisted my face sour

all day long.


but i miss your smell

your secret hiding spots,

bring me back to when

i’d circle your parking lots

when i was too young

to ride your roads.


you fed me onions off

a cargo truck once, in the middle of the

street and i came back

with a black garbage bag

for more of your sweet veg.


you made me feel safe

when the big city scared me

your silence blanketed me

when the noise was too much.


i’ve outgrown you

but it’s not easy letting go
of you, i can’t stay anymore

you know it too, it’s why you

whistle when i walk by


promise to visit

but we both know

i can’t be yours anymore.

Oh, and be sure to check the blog regularly for updates about ‘3 cities’ launch date. Big t’ings!


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