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POEM: Spadina

July 5, 2011

I performed this piece during the book launch “Holla!” an anthology of poetry from my writing circle Womenz Wordz. Click the link for more details about the book and the launch.



spadina looks finer

when she’s dolled up in


when she’s lit up in

electric blue lights.

i stand at the kiss

where she liplocks dupont

streeting a bodice six-lanes thick

of smooth ride

my play for spadina: a chorus of cronies,

corner shops and low rise ‘partments

natural theatrics

wrapped in concrete fabrics.

she stands in silence

as the first act plays out its bit

burlesquing streetlights

the rendition’s a hit

but spadina’s cool

ignites only a spark of excitement

before fading into gentle blasé.

nightly drum lessons

mark a mediocre metre,

cyclists weave a way home

winding down with a car horn’s yawn

spectacle gone

curtain call too soon and our girl

is left with ovation

but no roses.


by sunrise she recoils to her quite

commuter persona

and the diva inside sleeps.

Other pieces from my writing circle:
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Everyone need a good writing circle that will kick your butt and force you to write when sometimes you don’t want to. Congrats to all my ladies for launching a stellar collection!

From left to right: Rootz Kizzy, me and Lady Shanae

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