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June 24, 2011

It’s pretty shameful that I’ve had the same winter trees up on the side bar of this blog for months, but the truth of the matter is, my camera was stolen (gasp!) and I had to give myself adequate time to mourn over it.  But I have a new baby in my life, (it’s impossible to take a picture of your camera with that same camera, right?) and my photographic journalling is back on track!

More good news, I have left my hideout and have recently made the leap to live in the city of Toronto. Adventurous! Down-side, trees are a bit harder to spot. Parks are good, so are quite side streets and high-end residences. This just makes this jaunt that much more challenging.

Beautiful Toronto trees at the Dufferin Grove Park

Check out the minty-coloured grass. So many three-leafed clovers!

People look so small up against the line of trees.

Say hello to my mighty reading tree. Perfect shade for reading poetry in the park.

Moving in for a close up!

The City of Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation have to cover their butts some how.


More stump!

After I left the park, I noticed some nice greenery on my street.

Like this guy! My neighbours’ tree is an old timer.

This sexy beast is the tree RIGHT outside my new apartment. Whatta beaut!

Gorgeous text on the higher branches with an accent of yellow and red from a falling leaf.

Every beautiful tree has a beauty mark.

I have to conclude that my new camera takes some mighty fine photos. I’m exciting about getting to know this tree better, our first date was so much fun. There will be more treespotting to come. Just call me the paparazzi. Over and out!

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  1. February 17, 2013 6:49 am

    I have no words, no words God bless you Sharon.PS I’m going down from 10 posts a week to 8 posts a week – so this should open up more time for continmemg on blogs that I heart – and you know I heart yours, and have for the longest time.

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