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Attention Teen Writers!

June 16, 2011

So I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts that I work for a youth literacy organization called NOW HEAR THIS! No, my job didn’t put me up to this. I am blessed that I am the few people I know that really enjoys their job. One our our new projects that we’re working on is an online class called Writers’ Circuit. Teens all across Canada (I’m sure we can smuggle an American or two) meet in an online forum and share their writing with a professional and wicked-cool writer Nic Labriola.

For 8 weeks, teens explore writing techniques, strategies on getting published, the literary world at large, self publishing, making some money from writing, the whole gambit! The course is fully interactionary, (is that a word?) so we depend on hyped up, gun-ho, writer enthusiasts aged 13-18.

And it’s FREE! Zero dollars and zero cents. To register, just email Rachel: rachel [at] with your name, your favourite writing genre(s), and a one-page writing sample and BAM! you’re in. If you’re a teen or you’re a teacher, parent or educator that knows some super creative teens, let them know. But hurry, our cyber-seats are filling up fast!

Deadline: July 4, 2011

Check out the NOW HEAR THIS! site for details.

DO IT! Join the Circuit!

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