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Happy Blog-iversary Baby!

May 19, 2011

Can you believe it? A little over a year ago I didn’t even understand what a blog was and here we are celebrating. w00t!  HAPPY BLOG-IVERSARY! And it all started with my friend Vanessa Delsooz who set me up one night and said, “you’re a writer, you have to have a blog”. So here we are and I’m just getting warmed up!

Big up to my friends and family who act interested when I go on and on about something I blogged about (especially friends and family who barely know what a blog is). A huge thank you to all my blog followers, those who browse and those who comment and those who like on me Facebook. Without you, I’d be talking to myself. Much love!

And now the year’s top five favs, hand-picked my yours truly. Here there are:

‘Writing in a Tree’

Top 5 favourite Blog Posts:

5. For the Painting Above my Bed 

One of my favourite spontaneous poems (also got a great audience response). I wrote this at a point where I started letting go of my fears about poetry and focused on playing with word combinations to describe what it is I am really looking at.

4. How to Train your Tetris Apprentice

This post is dedicated to my roommate, Helenka my first and only Tetris appretice. This step-by-step guide isn’t how noobs (videogame novices) can become Tetris Masters but how Masters can train their apprentices. My nerdiness shines brightly through this post.

3. Mom, Look What I Found

When I started this blog, I wanted to explore the concept of a photographic journaling: following alongside someone as they photograph their adventures. These are the types of blogs I love reading about most.

2. For the Love of Oil Pastels 

Art doesn’t need to be complicated or mastered, which is why I always come back to this post. It reminds me if that expression is the ultimate goal for creating art, everyone can do it.

1. How to Climb a Tree

Call me nostalgic (*whispers* nostalgic) but this piece is the whole reason why I started the blog in the first place: to use my writing skills to explore my love for trees, tree climbing, nature and adventuring. Hands down Whitney’s favourite post EVER!

Honourable Mentions

Drink Cigcola – A scientific report on the effects of a new nicotine based drink called Cigcola
Dusk and Confessions – Two poems written at 3:00 am
Have you seen these Visualizations before? – Exploring the science/art of iTunes Visualizations
Literacy is Contagious – A TED video of Dave Eggers and other literary groups
Last Jaunt in November – A photographic journal in the park in November
MY Black History Month: Sound Master – Highlighting the sound artistry of poet Kaie Kellough
National Poetry Month – Exploring all different forms poetry has to offer
Great White Squirrel – An epic journey  of one woman’s quest to capture a rare and mighty beast

Year Two, bring it on!

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