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Happy Maj’s Day!

May 8, 2011

Sorry peeps, this is an old pic, but the Mamma love is still strong!

Today is my Maj’s day. Mother’s day is special but my mom is super special because my mom is more than just a mom. My mom is my friend, my older self, my dobble-gagger. My mom and I are so similar its frightening. The list can go on for 5 posts worth but here’s the colenotes version:

We love to cook: Everything I know about cooking and food is because of my mom.

We love foreign films: And we all know how hard it is to find a reliable FF buddy

We read: My passion for books must have been a disease I caught from my mom

We practically finish each other’s sentences: Its true and slightly disturbing for others

We are the same sign: Aries for life! I was born three days late otherwise I could have been her birthday present.

We are strong black women: And I don’t just say that because we are black and we are women therefore we are strong. My mother has always been active in teaching me about my roots and heritage which is especially important growing up in an environment where there weren’t too many black kids to relate with. Many parents by default give you their heritage but my mother instilled it in me.

We’re mad: Like actually crazy people who sing random songs in the middle of nowhere and make ugly faces to ourselves in the mirror.

This colenotes version is getting long so I’ll end there. All in all, I love you Maj and I can only wish peace and blessings on a day that celebrates all your motherly goodness.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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