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MY Black History Month: Wrap-Up!

February 28, 2011

February is too short! I have my own conspiracy theory why Black History Month is on the shortest month of the year (for another post) but I’m glad to explore my own journey as a writer reflected though the voices of black writers. MY Black History Month series has been more than experience. And now…

…the MY Black History Month Recap:

Seeing the Difference – George Elliot Clarke
Black is Beautiful – Sharon G. Flake
Genda Benda – d’bi.young
La clé – Dany Laferriére
Fire Starter – Lorena Gale & Afua Cooper
Sound Master – Kaie Kellough

Other Canadian wordsmiths I wanted to profile but ran out of time to blog about include: (next year I’ll build my stamina to do a post a day!)

Althea Prince
Dionne Brand
Austin Clarke
Andre Alexis
Olive Senior
Lawrence Hill
Fredrick Ward
Trey Anthony

All these remarkable writers inspired me and helped shaped my writing. w00t!
For me, everyday is Black History Month. Double w00t!


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