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MY Black History Month: Sound Master

February 26, 2011

Image from Montreal Radio CKUT

the heavy pot

bellied brothers

to huff up to podium. with gruff


they polish the verities. the vitres

of glass ceilings gleam transparent. can we

transcend to the other’s upper? where

there is room. in turn


partisan politicians

hail us not. haul us

upward. hail down


from the (p)raised platform

Kaie Kellough “Parenthetical People” from lettricity

For a while, poetry was foreign to me, a distant complex offspring of literature that I “didn’t get”. Somehow I got over my insecurities around poetry and like vomit, I began pouring out stanzas without filters for a long while. As I wrote more poetry, I read more poetry and my mentor lent me a copy of Kaie Kallough’s lettricity. Poetry changed for me that day: it erupted with sound. Montreal based poet Kaie Kallough honours words for all its oral richness and its musicality. Poetry is meant to be spoken, words on the page is only half the experience. Enjoy the video below of Kaie Kallough’s rendition of the alphabet.

For more about Kaie Kellough, check out of interview with him here from a dear friend of mine Black Coffee Poet. Enjoy!

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  1. February 23, 2012 3:23 pm

    Reblogged this on Writing in a Tree and commented:

    Originally posted last year for BHM, I was talking with my wonderful friend who is a musician about sound poetry. Enjoy!


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