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Lion Searching for Champaign (pt 1)

January 24, 2011



Branch, leaf, smells like wet dirt, branch, step over rock

Quiet, quiet, leaves crunch, wet dirt, stop. Boom-boom heart beat, leg shakes, still smells like dirt, rained last night, grass darker, sun hiding.

Leaves crunch, loud, over there, other side, branch shakes, leg stop shaking, still, very still, branch rustles, shakes, over there, crouch low, very still, lower, lower, move forward, slow, branch shakes, very slow, boom-boom, another heart beat, stop. Smells strong, stronger than dirt smell, branch still, I am still, very still, low, low. Branch moves, leaves crunch, low, low.



White fur, flying grass, legs shake, head swings, teeth in flesh, beat, beat, pounce on shaking legs and head, eyes grow, glow, teeth deeper, white fur, pin it down, shaking legs, boom-boom heart beat, fighting, losing, screaming, weight on white fur, slowing white fur, blood in mouth, legs stop shaking, eyes fading, slowing white fur, slowing, eyes fading, white fur dead underneath legs. Loosen jaws, remove weight, lick blood from teeth, boom-boom heart beat, white fur no heart beat, panting, light breeze, blood in wet dirt. White fur still, eyes cold, panting, hovering, breathing, smells like flesh and wet dirt, still, very still.

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  1. January 24, 2011 1:39 pm

    Good, not great. Insanely awesome title.


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