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September 27, 2010


My favourite season is here! Long-sleeve shirts, sweater vests, scarfs for fashion sake, fresh sharpened pencil smell, macintosh apples, butternut squashed soup, roasted pumpkin seeds and BEST OF ALL, the glorious falling of the leaves.

I’ve been trying to vamp up my vocabulary lately and the coming of autumn is as good as time as any to play around with colours. I’ve been guilty of recycling colour words: Wine-coloured, vermillion, ochre, chestnut not to mention the dreadful crimson. So I took a walk, took some pictures, and worked my brain into finding new ways to describe colours that I usually call PURPLE, RED, ORANGE, BROWN and YELLOW.

Aubergine (6 months working at a Montreal cafe and all I remember is how to say “eggplant” in french)

More aubergine, although with the reddish tinge it can be called merlot

Light terracotta!

Russet…or even cardinal


Single citrine leaf. I think citrine is more bright, not as pale as this leaf. Meh.

And just for a chuckle, as I was taking snap-shots of trees on a quiet, almost barren street by Royal York and Bloor, along blows a tumble weed. I think this is the first one I’ve ever capture on camera.

Here is the big guy up close. It’s either a tumble weed or a grouping of dead branches. Nevertheless, it was in movement. Please oh please oh please challenge my leafy colour word choices. Maybe you have a word that fits like a glove!

Also check out more colourful vocabulary exploration (with me and my typewriter) HERE!


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