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QUESTION: Have you seen these Visualizations before?

September 25, 2010



Something similar but not exactly like that

Define visualization:

— a complex analysis tool that randomizes data into an image;

— a combination wave styles, effect filters and color palettes;

— a wonderfully complex mathematical formula randomizes all these elements and follows the waveforms that move with the music.

different waveforms = different combinations of elements (colour palettes, shapes, sizes etc.)= different image every second

Waveform change with the music!

**Note there are similarities in shape and form, but the overall image is never the same.**


And it is with this conclusion, I am delighted to share uniquely original images I captured from my own iTunes screen, the older version of iTunes. YOU’VE NEVER SEEN THESE BEFORE!

Dizzy Dismay


Lost in grass blades

Fire Sprinkler


Powdered Jade

Heaven’s Party Cloud (my personal favorite)


Fusia Fusion


Jagged Soup


Water Steps


Where Have You Spin?


Ripples in Time


Nicki’s Oasis




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  1. February 16, 2013 7:19 am

    Contact paper comes in long rolls, so I started out by cntitug out the general shapes of the trunks. With the backing still on, I taped them to the walls to get a feel for what they would look like, editing them a bit. Then I cut some of the birch-y cutouts. Starting at the bottom, I removed a bit of the backing, pressing the contact paper to the wall, checking for air bubbles and editing a bit as I went. Once the trunks were up, I started adding the branches and birds. I did end up using an exacto knife on the wall in places that needed further edits, cntitug and then peeling bits of decal off the wall. But as we have to repaint before we leave this rental, I figure no one will ever know.Contact paper wall decals can be so fun and easy, I’ve done tons of them. Some digitally inspired trees, an ocean scene, frames.. if you live in Chicago, I’d be happy to make you some!


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