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NOTEBOOK: Random Reactionary Expression

September 18, 2010

Colum, I miss how gentle you are with words.


Your prose ignites a chain of bondfires in me. Cadensed, rhythmic, so rich the characters need no names. Colum calms. In it, around it, beside it — I’m fashioning my style of words. The pin prick of ecstacy when a good poem turns great, a line break moves my memory.

My cerebral is exercising and is no longer lagging behind. Pain as reward, aches as achievement. Words are digestible and sustain me for months. Colum is shelter-food!

Life is all movement. When does a story come alive? I play with words and I have felt words play with me.

That’s how story should be written

That’s how story could be written

Story ideas come like old ghosts. Old ghosts come to haunt me on the toilet. “Why? Always when I’m taking a shit too!”

– from my notebook

Whenever I feel unoriginal and not very good at writing, I am reminded that it usually takes 100 pages of crap to write one good page of writing. Here are a few of the “warm up” pages. My notebook is in constant evolution. As seen in my previous post on my Exploration of Words & Images my notebook is very much a dumping ground for random thoughts and random squiggles.

For part two, there is much dumping to manoeuvre through but also some interesting (or what I think to be interesting) reactionary expression. The best example of this is my strange and tangential response to re-reading Colum McCann’s Everything in this Country Must. Also the haikus are a reaction to an amazing book (with a stellar translation job) entitled The Sparrow Has Cut the Day in Half by Claire De. Arguably, everything I write and anyone writes is a reaction to something read, seen, heard or experienced. Either way, enjoy once again flipping through the pages of my brain. I enjoy sharing.


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