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NOTEBOOK: Exploration of Images and Words

June 30, 2010

Soaping up dollhouse scenes from screen to haul my story across the page. Much too big, unfocus, thin writings. The water tooth is painted in purple stripes tonight. Banksy is suddenly academic. Food is suddenly luxury. Don’t worry about the mood I’m in, it makes for the great write. Or the voice, how it curls like a moustache in a study and tumbles all in rum. The bell shine s a view, it’s returned The Canoe, and everything wants its own place. Break waste, five bass, we’ll slice a wipple against his nipple and fall on our heels. I feel like very few people understand themselves, their own reactions and action of the thems. Now selling more condos than condoms in the great city of Toronto. How close can you get to touching someone without actually touching someone? This girl wants to be a writer and lives in a tree. A telephone pole that looks like a tree. There are still free things to be had. My good sun to be got. Who is having an emergency, can we buy it?

Are there numbers (phone numbers?) that miss being read aloud? Other numbers







– from my notebook

I’ve made a lot of new friends at my new job and one of those friends  (hi Nick!) reminded me that sharing can still be fun even as an adult. My personal and some-what indecipherable notebook has been clutched to my chest anytime I leave my house and although the chicken scratch seems cryptic (even to me) it can be interesting to others to read.

Notebooks, especially a writer’s notebook can be sacred. I used to sleep with my books under my bed, fearful that my parents would read my deepest darkest entries. And yes there are things in my notebook that are still “FOR WHITNEY’S EYES ONLY” but it is a good exercise for me to get over myself. Shed that coat of insecurity! Kill the critics in my head!

Inspired by Lynda Barry’s What It Is (my review of this book found here) after years of buying dollar-store notebooks, I went out to buy one of those nice black artists’ notebook with the sewn pages and dedicated my notebook entries to embrace Barry’s image driven writing style.

And so…I welcome all of you to a sneek peak into my notebook for “An Exploration of Image and Words” (the quotes make it sound cool, but I just made that up now).

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  1. July 1, 2010 10:32 am

    what beautiful post…

    • July 1, 2010 1:58 pm

      why thank you, its a “post-in-progress” really, still figuring out to make a post look like my notebook. thanks for reading


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