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June 12, 2010


After my “article” on my confusion with urban trees, I decided to do some field study and observe the wonders of tree-life. This is my photographic journal:

June 12th- Bond Lake Park, Don Mills, Toronto ON

Exhibit A: White Flowering Tree (if someone could tell me the specific name I’d be forever grateful)

And now for the close up…

Pretty trees can’t stay unclimbed for long!

Told you. Might I add that climbing trees at night can be very dangerous (very very) and depending on your camera’s flash as your sole light source only heightens the danger element.

At the base of the tree is a beautiful scar between the limbs that makes a perfect groove for chilling…


And now let’s embark (pardon the pun) on an analysis of textures that our wonderful tree friend has to offer.

Textures In, On and Around the Tree

Grainy grooves of a boisterous bark. He feels just like his bite, brittle.

Gentle grazes from blades of green, feathery on fingers, always a wonder

A leafy green friend

tumbles down into my lap

and whispers “hello”

To grow near the roots of a tree is a good place to go

Weeds too are worthy of worship.

Hanging out with this tree reminded me of being six-years-old again, when you gather up weeds in a flower vase or you stop playing in your rep soccer game to give your mom a dandelion.  As children we are super in touch with the coolness that is nature and a lot of the times we forget what grass brushing across the back of our hands actually feels like. Why do weeds look so pretty that we don’t really care if their flowers or not? I want to rub that sticky tree sap in between my fingers and smell its sweet scent for the rest of the day. That’s it for this journal entry.

Do you like touching bark?


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